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Qwertykeys QK75 Bundle Keyboard Kit

Qwertykeys QK75 Bundle Keyboard Kit

$ 219.99


  • enlightenedThe Group Buy sale starts on November 25th 9:00 AM till December 9th 12:00AM.
  • enlightenedThis sale is limited to Cambodia only. Free delivery to every region in Cambodia.
  • enlightenedPlease do not add the Group Buy order with the in-stock


QK75 bundle will be shipped 12-14 weeks after the sale (arriving at Phnom Penh will be later after that). Please do not purchase anything besides QK75 extra parts along with this keyboard. Otherwise, you will be prevented from checking out. All products on this page are final sales. No changes or cancellations will be made once the order is placed.
Purchasing this keyboard means you agree to our QC standardshipping terms, and refund policies.

About this item:

  1. Designed and created by Qwertykeys, a sister company of Owlab
  2. Case: Anodized and Spray-coted aluminium and Sandblasted PVD and Mirror Polished PVD stainless steel for weight
  3. Layout: 75% with rotary knob or badge
  4. Mounting style: PCB-mount Structure
  5. PCB: Tri-mode ANSI or ISO, Wired ANSI and Soldered
  6. Per-key LED: No
  7. Plate: Available in Alu, PC, POM and FR4
  8. Software: Using QK Config for functions like key-map changing; doesn’t support QMK/VIA/VIAL for Tri-mode PCB and QMK-based & VIA/VIAL support for Wired Hotswap and Soldered PCB
  9. Spec: Typing angle: 8 degree, Front height: 18mm, Size: length * width = 319mm * 137mm, Weight: 1.65kg, 2.15kg after built
  10. More info: QK75 (notion.site)

Bundle images:





Milky white




Package contents:

  • - Case (Top + Bottom + Stainless Steel external weight + Red Brass internal weight) and including two 2200mAH batteries for customers who bought Tri-mode PCB
  • - PCB, including a 2.4G USB-A receiver, PE sheet and Poron PCB foam
  • - Plate
  • - USB-C Daughterboard and JST Cable
  • - Rotary encoder
  • - Knob or Bagde (Your choice)
  • - Gaskets, Rubber case feet, Poron case foam and all necessary screws for assembly
  • - Ashen switches x 84pcs and a 75% keycap set matching the case color



The following items are not part of the official parts list but are included as free gifts to help make the task of building your new QK60 a bit easier. If any of the free items are not included or are damaged, they will NOT be replaced, refunded, or made up.

  • - Qwertykeys carrying case
  • - Coiled USB-C cable
  • - A set of Liquidmetal® Owlstabs V2 - 75%
  • - Screwdriver
  • - Battery housing foam
  • - Keycap ans switch pullers
  • - Build Guide & Discord QR code

From the manufacturer:

1. Cases

QK75 Case

QK75 Case

3. Weight Colors

QK75 Weight

QK75 Weight

4. Plate Options (ALU, PC, POM, FR4)

QK75 Plates



5. PCB and Layouts

Tri-mode and Wired Hotswap PCB ANSI

Tri-mode ANSI

Tri-mode PCB ISO

Tri-mode ISO

Soldered PCB

Wired Soldered

6. Other Infos