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Qwertykeys QK65 R2 Keyboard Kit (Extra)

Qwertykeys QK65 R2 Keyboard Kit (Extra)

$ 204.99

About this item:

  1. Designed and created by Qwertykeys, a sister company of Owlab
  2. Case: Anodized, electrophoretic and spray-coated CNC finished
  3. Specification: Typing angle: 7.5°, Front side height: 19.5mm, Size: 320mm x 115mm, Weight: 1.3kg (around 1.76kg after build)
  4. Firmware: VIA with .json (available on #qk65-resource channel on our Discord) until it’s merged VIAL compatible Powered by QMK
  5. More info: please read here (QK65 Restock Color Configurator)

Package contents:

  • - QK65 Pre-assembled case, including CNC top, die-casted bottom case and PVD
  • - Stainless-steel weight
  • - Q65 carrying bag
  • - Customized-moulded Silicone dampener and Poron Case foam
  • - Gaskets (jackets and socks)
  • - Rubber case feet
  • - PCB, including PE sheet and Poron PCB foam (available upon purchase)
  • - Plate (available upon purchase)
  • - All necessary screws for assembly (stand-offs set only provided with Hotswap PCB)
  • - Weight screws are replaced to Philips instead of hex shown in some review units
  • - BLUETOOTH PCB w/ BATTERY: Only compatible with restock HOTSWAP PCBs. The Bluetooth feature is realized with a separate Bluetooth module and battery that needs to be installed by customers. When connected with cable, the wired mode is enabled and QK65 will function just like any other keyboards.

NOTE: Bluetooth PCB includes a PCB, a Bluetooth module and a Battery

The following items are not part of the official parts list but are included as free gifts to help make the task of building your new QK65 a bit easier. If any of the free items are not included or are damaged, they will NOT be replaced, refunded, or made up.

  • - Coiled USB-C cable in Black
  • - A set of Liquidmetal® Owlstabs - 80%
  • - Tri-head screwdriver
  • - Build Guide & Discord QR code


SHIPPING/DELIVERY: Expected to arrive in stock in this September 2022 and free delivery to all regions in Cambodia and ship Worldwide via DHL Express (Shipping rate will be sent after you place your order).


From the manufacturer:




Hotswap Layouts (ISO and ANSI)

Hotswap ISO

Hotswap ANSI

Soldered Layouts


Bluetooth module and a battery

Bluetooth module and a battery