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Qwertykeys QK65 PCB Extra

Qwertykeys QK65 PCB Extra

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About this item:

  1. QK65 Soldered PCB: Includes the PCB itself  x 1, PE Foam Sheet x 1, and Poron Plate Foam Sheet x 1
  2. QK65 Hotswap ANSI and ISO PCB: Includes the PCB itself  x 1, PE Foam Sheet x 1, Poron Plate Foam Sheet x 1, and stand-offs kit (to fixate the Plate and PCB together)

NOTE: Bluetooth PCB quantity is not limited, however,  the Extra Bluetooth PCB do not include battery as the result of restriction to ship the battery and it is required to be "built-in" to the case. Thus, we can only include one battery for the first PCB in your keyboard kit order.

These are the extras for purchase with your QK65 R2 or QK65 Stone Age Edition. You cannot order only these items without purchasing the keyboard (QK65 R2 and Stone Age) and it will be canceled, if you do so.

From the manufacturer:

Soldered PCB


QK65 Soldered PCB

Hotswap PCB


QK65 Hotswap ANSI

QK65 Hotswap ISO

Bluetooth module and a battery

Bluetooth module and battery