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KBD67 Lite FR4 Plate by BredWorks

KBD67 Lite FR4 Plate by BredWorks

$ 44.49

About this item:
  1. Designed and Manufactured by BredWorks
  2. FR4 (Black, White), immersion Gold Surface Finish over Exposed Copper
  3. Fully compatible for KBD67 Lite R1 and requires additional standoffs (Link) for KBD67 Lite R2

BredWorks KBD67 Lite allows different plate options than the standard polycarbonate. Available in FR4 and POM, these plates were manufactured and designed by a third-party by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Note: Plates are fully compatible with KBD67Lite R1 but R2 requires additional standoffs.



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From the manufacturer:

KBD67 Lite Plates

KBD67 Lite Plates

KBD67 Lite Plates